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After decades of branding experience in the franchise industry, we have found there are ten key factors that affect whether or not a brand and it’s reputation are truly franchisable:
1. Brand Promise
2. Brand Strategy
3. Brand Appeal
4. Brand Consistency
5. Marketing Effectiveness
6. Customer Loyalty
7. Social Ability
8. Brand Experience
9. Brand Culture
10. Brand Management

Each of these categories has a direct impact of the success of a franchise system. We have researched, evaluated, and tested our solutions to these categories in detail, and have specifically focused our Brand Science℠ efforts around them. By targeting and empowering each of these areas, we have earned the ability to help franchisors realize and facilitate exponential success.

At IDealogic® Brand Lab, we help you discover the strengths and the weaknesses of your brand in order to maximize its franchise potential. After those are outlined, we then guide you through strategically planned steps, based upon our scientific Brand Method℠, to help your company reach its aspirational franchising goals.

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