Fadi’s Grill

Brand to Human®

When it comes to deliciously fresh and flavorful Mediterranean food, Fadi’s is an example of ultimate perfection. There is something truly wondrous about Fadi’s cuisine, with something tempting for every taste bud. It’s the perfect combination of authentic recipes, imported Mediterranean spices, fresh ingredients, and quality control. Fadi’s restaurants, casual dining experiences with buffet-style serving lines, are enhanced by beautifully designed interiors and affordable prices. Fadi came to IDealogic® in 2008 with several locations already open and the desire to grow the franchise even more; but first, he needed a consistent, sellable brand.

Our objective for Fadi’s actually consisted of three parts: 1) to create brand consistency amongst the existing restaurant locations, 2) to build a solid brand foundation for future locations, and 3) to develop a sellable brand with a strong franchise appeal.


1) Our primary concern with Fadi’s was to create a brand foundation, so that as new locations were opened, the brand could be easily implemented upon build-out. 2) In order for this to be accomplished, existing stores needed to be evaluated for inconsistencies. We focused on strengthening core branding elements by removing those elements that were not working and improving upon those that had potential. The brand theme, color scheme, logo, and signage were some of the first things that needed to be addressed. Once we eliminated inconsistencies and the brand foundation was solid, we were then able to concentrate on the brand as a whole to 3) create franchise appeal.

The entire brand development process for Fadi’s included multiple photo shoots to provide an entire custom photography library of Fadi’s menu; copywriting services for menu items and descriptions; an updated to go menu; a complete drive through menu board re-vamp; exterior signage; TV slides for interior advertising; exterior sign slides for outdoor advertising; to go cup and to go box design; interior signage including customer directional signs; Sultan Room logo and interior sign; a myriad of banners for various events and food shows; van wraps; scripting, talent and production of a “new customer” video; lunch and a la carte ordering forms; to go logo; on-site photography during the build-out process for comps, mockups, and renders purposes; and much, much, more.

As we continue Fadi’s ongoing brand maintenance and development, we are putting a main focus on listening to customer feedback. By hearing what customers have to say about their restaurant experiences, and finding ways to implement their suggestions whenever possible, customers know that Fadi’s listens and that their opinions count. This ultimately builds customer loyalty and brand trust, which is vital for franchise success. Fadi’s is also focused on streamlining the franchising process and organizing daily operating procedures. We are readily available for business consulting and are committed to helping Fadi, and all of our clients, in every aspect of their franchising endeavors as required. We have assisted Fadi in creating a stellar brand image on every level- from a visual perspective, from the customer perspective, and from the franchisee/employee perspective.


Most casual dining establishments are designed to appeal to a broad demographic, although families and young adult consumers tend to be highly valued segments. Young adults without children are most likely to eat out at restaurants, according to NPD Group. Demand for casual dining is driven by personal income, consumer tastes, and demographics.


Fadi’s now has an extensive library of consistent branding elements that can be duplicated for each new store. The well-known brand image is truly stellar and perfectly represents Fadi’s high standards and passion for food. Brand trust and customer loyalty increases with ongoing brand developments. With the brand’s progression, Fadi’s franchise appeal is continuously reinforced and gears the company for greater business success.


The US casual restaurants industry includes more than 200,000 eating establishments that generate about $190 billion in revenue. Major companies include Brinker International, Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster and Olive Garden), DineEquity (Applebees and IHOP), and OSI Restaurant Partners (Outback Steakhouse and Carrabba’s). The industry is highly fragmented: the 50 largest companies account for about 20 percent of the market. The industry includes full-service restaurants where customers order and are served meals at a table. Most casual restaurants serve average quality food at affordable prices; guest checks typically average between $15 and $20 per person. Many national chains focus on establishing a brand name identity through mass media advertising and an easily identifiable restaurant concept. A dining concept can involve a particular type of cuisine (Italian, Mexican) or type of menu (steakhouse, seafood). Casual dining chains may also use interior design and decoration to create a unique atmosphere. Restaurant franchisees typically contribute to corporate advertising funds. Word-of-mouth advertising is particularly important for small, independent restaurants with limited marketing budgets.