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Fruituzy was established by a company wanting to offer frozen yogurt as a healthy, delicious dessert option to their customers. Self-serve, frozen yogurt shops have become very popular, so the company needed a powerful brand that would stand out in a competitive market and be an easily franchisable concept. As the agency of record for their other ventures, we were thrilled when the company told us of their new vision; and we couldn’t wait to get started bringing the idea to fruition.

The first objective for this concept was company naming. The name needed to convey the message for a healthy, natural, fresh product line that highlighted the use of fresh fruits and freshly squeezed fruit juices. The company stressed that they wanted to promote a healthy, fresh product from all angles.

The second objective was to create and develop a brand to go with the name. As frozen yogurt is a delightful treat, we wanted to design a brand theme that would match the concept in a happy, fun, light-hearted way. Also, the stores would be self-serve, so we were presented with the need to focus on the in-store design from a customer’s perspective.


We created the name Fruituzy to communicate the company’s message for a healthy, natural product line while emphasizing their use of fresh fruit and fruit juices; also the “z” makes a subtle tie-in to their frozen product. For trade marking purposes, the fact that the name is fun and totally unique was immensely advantageous to the client. The tagline “yogurt’s berry best!” completes the message with the inclusion of yogurt, and features a clever play on words with another fruit reference.

We designed the brand in an organic, natural theme featuring fresh fruit and green vines on a white background. The logo features a berry and uses a pink, green, and white color scheme. We wanted to create a bright, carefree ambiance within the stores to match the product line. We focused our attention on each part of the store so that the brand theme was carried out uniformly. We branded the floors, the walls, and the windows; designed colorful furr-downs; created unique in-store signage featuring the Fruituzy logo; created customer directionals; branded the counters and countertops; and designed a custom Fruituzy menu board and to go menu. We selected the fun, distinctive light fixtures to match the Fruituzy brand. We created the exterior signage, window graphics, custom awnings, and outdoor banners.

For the employee uniforms we designed hats, shirts, and aprons that feature the Fruituzy logo and color scheme. We also added “it’s berry berry good” and “love me by the oz.” taglines in fun, customized font treatments for the t-shirts. The “love me by the oz.” tagline conveys to the customer that the yogurt is sold by the ounce, and is featured on other branded pieces such as the to go menu.

We also assisted the client in finalizing and naming the products on their menu. They wanted to offer customers other options besides frozen yogurt, such as smoothies, fruit cocktails, breakfast cereals and hot oatmeal. Product naming includes the Fruituzy Doozie (fruit cocktail), Best Date Ever (date smoothie), and Happy Day (strawberry smoothie). We shot all products, including an individual shot of each available yogurt topping, to be featured wherever necessary, such as the menu board, to go menus, promotional pieces, etc.


Demand is driven by demographics, consumer tastes, and personal income. Specialty eateries appeal to a large cross-section of consumers, but families with children and younger patrons are targeted customer groups. People in the 18-to-24 year-old range are most likely to snack outside the home, according to Technomic.


Frozen yogurt shops are popping up everywhere as consumers embrace this trendy, health-conscious dessert option. However, we have found that many of these companies are failing to do something extremely important when it comes to long-term company success: invest in a franchisable brand. The Fruituzy brand is unique, extremely easy to duplicate, and follows a simple concept. With such a strongly developed brand at their fingertips, the client has everything they need to successfully sell the concept in this competitive marketplace.


The U.S. specialty eatery industry includes more than 35,000 companies with combined annual revenue of about $25 billion. Major companies include Dunkin’ Brands (Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin Donuts), Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and Starbucks. The industry is fragmented: the 50 largest firms generate about 45 percent of industry revenue. The specialty eatery industry includes limited service establishments that focus on particular beverages and snacks, including coffee shops, donut shops, and ice cream parlors. Donut shops make up about 20 percent of sales, and ice cream shops and other frozen treat outlets account for about 15 percent.