Brand to Human®

The MassageLuXe franchise offers customers the ability to experience the “advantages of therapeutic massage at an affordable price with no long term agreements.” With nine different types of massages available on their menu, including services such as hot stone, aromatherapy, and prenatal massage, they are a veritable “relaxing oasis of calm.” Also, under their FaceLuXe brand, they offer seven types of facials, waxing services, and warm paraffin treatments. When they came to us, the franchise had several stores already in operation, but needed to strengthen their brand to facilitate plans for significant growth.

The objective for this franchise was to re-brand the company to strengthen their position in the marketplace. This project would entail the creation and development of an entirely new brand including logo design, interior and exterior brand design, outdoor advertising, Sociability branding for their Facebook page, and an extensive array of print collateral.


Before coming to IDealogic® for a brand overhaul, MassageLuXe was operating several stores under an inconsistent, lackluster brand that did little to promote the company’s strengths. We quickly found that behind this false exterior was an organized, structured franchise that was poised for major growth. We needed to strip away this false image and replace it with one that accurately represents the company. With this in mind, we immediately set to work creating the company’s new corporate identity. The new logo makes a powerful statement and evokes a feeling of brand strength. We designed the letter “X” as the company’s signature symbol, which we then incorporated into the entire brand. With this first change put into motion, the development of the new brand began to quickly fall into place. The next step was to transform their interior brand theme from uninspiring to amazing. We incorporated the “X” into the floor, feature wall design with custom printed wall murals, and custom counter design. We brought life into the stores with a distinctive color scheme; and, while vibrant, the interior brand theme conveys subtle elegance and promotes a calming atmosphere to complement the company’s relaxing spa services.

We gave special attention to the company’s exterior branding elements, from window graphics and awnings to exterior signage. We deliberately emphasized the “X” symbol on the exterior signs, which light up with an extended “X” on the buildings at night. We also designed brand-consistent billboards, banners, and banner flags for outdoor advertising campaigns.

We created an extensive array of print collateral for company use, including business cards, gift cards and card holders, counter cards, promo cards, posters, digital price boards with multiple promo slides featuring specialty products and services, and a service pamphlet. After we finished the brand development for MassageLuXe, the company established FaceLuXe for facial spa services, so we extended the brand theme to include it as well. We also created a corresponding logo for FaceLuXe so that the two brands complement each other perfectly.


Gender: More than 61% female
Age: Concentrated in the 26-55 age group
Income: 50% of clients in the $35K-$99K bracket
Marital Status: 71% married
Ethnicity: Primarily English, Irish, German, and Scotch
Homeowner: 82%
Children: More than 30% have children
Direct Mail Merchandise Buyers: 82% buy through direct mail
Occupation: 52% mid-upper management and sales professionals; 7% nurses
Sports: 77% like sports


Before we were even finished with this project, MassageLuXe began to receive excellent buyer response to the new brand development. MassageLuXe currently has over 500 new units under development and over 400 new FaceLuXe units under development. The company now has a united front with the combination of a structured franchise business model and powerful brand image, leading to increased sales and earning industry leadership.


The spa services industry in the US includes about 20,000 facilities with combined annual revenue of about $12 billion, according to the International SPA Association. Major spa services companies include destination spa chains Canyon Ranch and Golden Door, massage clinic franchise Massage Envy, as well as day space franchise Woodhouse Spa. The industry is highly fragmented: most spa services companies operate a single facility with less than $1 million in annual revenue.