Brand & Marketing Analytics

We Create Franchisable Brands.℠

Successful branding and advertising requires a combination of imagination, experimentation, creativity, perseverance, intellect, experience, research and analytics. IDealogic® encompasses all of these things and we have melded them into a science. The amount of experience we have in the industry; the fact that we are constantly learning, keeping abreast of the evolution of the industry, and incorporating new technology and software into our services and processes; and the vast amount of current research, development, and analytics at our fingertips gives us an edge that we, in turn, pass on to our clients.

In many situations, people are so busy managing their company that they don’t have time to track down- or know where to find, or simply don’t have access to- important statistics and industry data that regularly impacts their business. At IDealogic®, we have made it our business to be industry educators. Using only the most up to date information, we offer a multitude of intelligence reports such as brand analyses, best practices, client research and analysis, competitor research and analysis, client vs. competitor comparisons, and more.

Every business can benefit from this data and we offer our brand and marketing analytics services to everyone, regardless of whether or not you are a client of our creative services. And for every one of our clients- new and established- our intelligence reports are the basis for everything we do, and set the stage for all branding and advertising creative work.