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Benthic is the innovative market leader of sea floor drilling and is a global leader in offshore marine geotechnical investigation, survey, analysis, and design. The company’s groundbreaking technological innovations help to overcome technical barriers, allowing clients to gather data in environments that were considered inaccessible just over a decade ago.

Benthic is the industry’s most productive seabed data collector with over 15 years of experience in seabed drilling. Through proprietary PROD technology, Benthic leads the way in high quality investigations from shallow to ultra-deepwater sites. The company’s flexible, solutions-driven approach allows the them to deliver timely, high quality services tailored to each client’s unique project objectives. Since its first commercial deployment in 2002, Benthic has continued to prove its global reputation as an industry innovator that leads the way in safety and quality.


Benthic came to us for the creation of digital channel assets as well as a complete website redesign and development. We were tasked to raise the brand’s perception in the marketplace and bring the brand into today’s digital age.

The company had an existing site that did not showcase the forward-thinking organization’s innovative capabilities. The outdated site featured an antiquated aesthetic with outdated function, and the layout pushed a lot of important content to the user in a repetitive way. Because everything looked the same, nothing felt important. In reality, however, Benthic’s work is exciting, innovative, and very interesting. We knew the brand needed to look as innovative as it is. The custom site we built would need to be easily updatable with new projects and offerings and prominently feature the company’s exciting accomplishments and advancements.


Our overall strategy was to position Benthic as an innovative industry authority with elevated brand perception and awareness through marketing and communications development and the development of assets to enhance their sales process. An immediate and #1 goal for all projects was to increase the brand’s overall perceived value. Everything that Benthic can do, and for whom, needed to be extremely clear.

It was imperative to combine cutting-edge design standards with a strategically engineered user experience for these digital channels to accomplish the many objectives needed for project success.

We focused on designing a unique online experience that navigated the user to consume content and take action. We highlighted the company’s futuristic inventions and incorporated custom, cutting edge UI/UX design with varying levels of functionality complexity based on the client’s unique needs. It was critical for the design to exude a look and feel of “innovation” and “safety by design” through creative and messaging that eliminated existing misperceptions about Benthic. We made sure to convey the company’s comprehensive capabilities, markets serviced, updated time of experience, and more so that consumers would have a better understanding of all of the company’s proficiencies and accomplishments.

The new website features keyword rich copywriting and image descriptions and is designed to target the unique client/prospect subsets through an easily accessible site navigation and specific messaging. To showcase Benthic’s worldwide project activity, we included an interactive map for users to view the company’s global impact. We provided easy access to career information to ensure that the company can clearly align with and easily obtain potential candidate leads of new graduates and industry professionals who are looking for work within a safe, innovative environment.

The newly designed site features a variety of strategically innovative sections. We created a site search feature that filters through projects, case studies, capabilities, client subset, and site content to optimize the user experience. The site features an updated picture gallery and video library, functionality-based case studies, a list of all certifications appropriate for public viewing, and an easy-to-update blog section which includes relevant news, innovations, media, & PR.



  • Site Experience Strategy
  • UI/UX Wire Frames
  • Site Prototyping
  • Website Design
  • Mobile + Responsive
  • Content Creation


  • Brand Messaging
  • Content Writing
  • Employee Communications
  • Corporate Communications
  • External Communications
  • Keyword Strategies


  • Proprietary Images
  • Custom Digital Illustrations


  • Digital Design


  • Presentation Design


“My original expectation on the new website was to showcase the company’s amazing personnel, innovative equipment and commitment to safety. There can be no doubt this website has surpassed my expectations.”

Steve P.

Benthic CEO


• Over the five years to 2025, IBISWorld estimates that Offshore Oil Rig & Platform Construction industry revenue will grow at an annualized rate of 4.3% to $2.4 billion

• As demand recovers over the next five years, employment in the Offshore Oil Rig & Platform Construction industry is anticipated to increase at an annualized rate of 3.2% to 5,133 workers.

• High barriers to entry and regulatory hurdles also make market entry difficult for companies, but IBISWorld expects that the United States’ continued emphasis on energy self-reliance will attract companies to the Offshore Oil Rig & Platform Construction industry.

• Revenue for the Oil Drilling and Gas Extraction industry is expected to grow substantially over the five years to 2025.


“Benthic is unlike any other company we’ve partnered with to date. They have achieved some truly incredible engineering, and it’s been an inspiring journey to work alongside them as they charge into the new era of digital. Our goal was to deliver a site that looks as innovative as the company is. There are exciting things in store for Benthic’s future, and I couldn’t be happier for such a well-deserving group of extraordinary individuals,” said Ruth Netanel, Principal of IDealogic®

Ron Netanel

Founder of IDealogic® Brand Lab

Ron Netanel Creative Director