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About IDealogic® Brand Lab

T here are certain brands that you love- brands you always buy from, no matter what- regardless of price or availability. These brands are special; they are a select few, and they stand out. Why? How are they different? What causes you to feel that way about them? What creates that extraordinary bond between ourselves and the companies we love?

At IDealogic®, we were inspired by these questions, and so we went on a journey of discovery to find their answers. Amazingly, we were even more inspired once we did. We realized that creating those extraordinary bonds begins with appeal. As human beings, that which is most appealing to us has the greatest affect on us. Certain things profoundly influence our lives: love of family, values, spirituality, work ethic, personal goals, important issues, health, etc. We all have those essential things that matter most to us.

Brands that focus only on selling, solving one problem in particular, or being price-centric will never have that special ability to create significance to us as customers. Those brands with significant meaning reach far beyond their products or services. Instead, they are aligned to that which is profoundly important to us. It’s then we feel that brands “get” us, know what is important to us, speak our language. We’re able to relate to them on a much deeper level.

These become the brands that we feel passionate about, we become advocates for, and we feel loyal to- all because of a genuine connection. These are the brands we love.

This discovery had a profound effect on us at IDealogic®. So profound, in fact, that we worked for years developing a science around creating the bonds from Brand to Human®. Years of dedication resulted in our own, proprietary Brand Method℠, Brand Formula℠, and Brand Science℠.

Many people ask us why we worked so hard to create Brand Science℠. Our answer is that, although bonds from Brand to Human® are based upon emotions, passions, and relationships- which generally aren’t thought of in a scientific sense- responsible companies shouldn’t leave the creation of those bonds up to luck. Obviously brands are not human, they are entities; however, those entities are made up of people- people with families, responsibilities, hopes, and dreams. When brands aren’t successful, those people are negatively affected. We decided to make our purpose, through observation, research, hypothesis, experiments, data collection, analysis, and final conclusions, to find a way to ensure that these bonds are created for every brand that we represent. And so we did.