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We have developed a scientific approach to branding that revolves around human nature and human behavior. We believe brands should no longer be intangible entities; instead, they should have personality and exist with human-like identities. Brand personification gives people the ability to relate to a brand on a deeper, more meaningful, personal level—a lifestyle level. This allows the brand to create and nurture connections, or bonds, with the people who interact with and purchase from it. We call this Brand to Human®. For IDealogic®, Brand to Human® is a three-phase process that carries great meaning and purpose. We’ve accomplished the first two; and as a values-driven agency, phase three is momentous. It’s our why. The reason we get out of bed every day. Our noble purpose.


We began developing the first phase of our branding approach by testing and measuring all of our work using the scientific method. In doing so, we discovered that our most successful works shared some unique similarities that we marked as “indicators” that would indeed prove to be of great significance. We then delved into analyzing some of the world’s most iconic brands such as Apple, Harley Davidson, Google, Nike, and Volkswagen (just to name a few). From our analysis, we created case studies to see what we could uncover about their successes. These organizations have done more than create amazing products; they have reached significance. Led by those whom we refer to as Visionaries, these brands are much more than companies—they are movements. Each of these movements is fueled by a shared ethos. And when brands give people the ability to belong to something to greater than themselves—to essentially share a culture in which they all feel connected—passionate, loyal followings are born. Their customers are much more than transactions; they are connected to these companies as a CULTure Community of brand advocates.


This phase of our scientific approach to branding is to implement Brand to Human® as a step-by-step process into our client partners’ business models. We transform a company’s business model into a Brand Model®—uniquely positioning the organization to experience a greater level of perceived value and success within its market. We engineer the brand to appeal to its ideal target audience with a focus of developing and nurturing a CULTure Community. We continue to improve this approach with ongoing, real-life and real-time testing and measuring in order to ensure the greatest level of success possible. Our clients are reaping great rewards and long-term benefits by understanding their ideal customers’ values and beliefs, and by aligning with and appealing to them through what we know about human nature and human behavior.




Our Brand to Human® process carries the highest hope and promise to us at IDealogic®. As we grow to serve a greater number and size of client partners, our ultimate goal is to create Brands of Humanity, a global collective of successful and significant brands united to use their considerable means to effect positive change on the world. We tend to say it’s “our Visionary Society to the tenth power,” but truthfully we want to see it become even larger than that. The kind of impact a global brand collective could have on the world would be astonishing. The companies could reach tens of millions of people with empathetic, purpose-driven goals. They could impact causes, relief, and awareness at a level no individual ever could. And with the accountability and positive example they would set, Brands of Humanity would create a new, worldwide corporate culture centered on creating a better world. We truly believe when organizations of diverse industries can unite under a common goal, amazing change happens. Collaborating companies will achieve their purpose, establish authority, rally their communities, and gain unprecedented positive exposure, all in the name of better humanity. It’s the kind of corporate social responsibility that benefits businesses, consumers, economies, and the world at large. We believe that we can help brands find their purpose, thereby helping them find success. Success is a byproduct of purpose, and with a purpose as noble and fulfilling as bettering humanity, what kind of success can’t these brands achieve?

It is a massive and lofty goal. We’ve been told we may never fully accomplish it (in fact, you may even be thinking that very thing right now). Our response is this wonderful quote by Norman Vincent Peale:

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

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