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American adults (18+) spend more time watching television than time spent with radio, magazines, newspapers, mobile, and the Internet combined. Also, on an average day, television reaches about 90% of American adults. We hardly find that surprising, since 97.1% of American households have at least one television. A recent survey found that 39.8% of people learn about products or services they’d like to try (or buy) from TV commercials. (Info via TVB)

In the average day, radio reaches about 60% of American adults (18+). Moreover, radio reaches a weekly audience of 243 million Americans. Online ad revenue for radio stations for 2012 was $491 million, and is estimated to reach $818 million by the year 2017. Twenty-seven million people (aged 12+) have listened to a podcast in the last month. (Info via Edison Research & BIA/Kelsey)

Obviously, broadcast media reaches millions of people and can be an essential part of a successful branding or advertising campaign. Not only do we create stellar content for TV, Video, and Radio, we also analyze applicable data to create the placement strategy behind it. Strategy is key for clients to realize the biggest return on investment (ROI) possible. With every strategy we implement, our goal is not just to meet our clients’ ROI goals, but also to exceed them.