Corporate ID

We Create Franchisable Brands.℠

Your logo and your brand are not synonymous; having a logo does not mean you have a brand. However, your company logo is an important aspect of your brand because it symbolizes your business. With proper brand development, your consumers will recognize your logo and automatically associate it with your company. If you take your logo and show it, by itself, to your consumer, what does your company look like? Is that the symbol that truly represents your business?

Because it is often the case that company logos do not adequately represent the business, focus on the logo is typically where we like to begin. We use the logo as a starting point for brand development, and there is a lot to consider at this initial stage. Your company’s brand should be created with your target audience in mind. We don’t simply create a brand around a business or product; we consider the customer as well. We determine the target audience’s demographics- age, location, male or female, colors and styles that most appeal to them, etc. We use this information in conjunction with the business or product that’s being sold in order to effectively and correctly sell to the consumer.