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Proprietary Photography: photography protected by trademark or patent or copyright; made or produced or distributed by one having exclusive rights.

One of the best ways to take your company’s brand up a notch is to invest in proprietary photography. Using stock photography can be less expensive for small, one-time projects; but the inexpensive, standard licenses are for limited use. Anyone else can (and will) use that photography too- unless you want to shell out the dough for exclusive rights- which gets very expensive, very quickly.

How will your brand stand out if you are using the same imagery as the “Mom and Pop Shop” down the road? Quite simply, it won’t. We’ve got a passion for photography. We keep our fully equipped studio at the ready for photo shoots of all kinds. Our custom, professional, high quality, amazingly unique photography will set the bar for your brand. We’ve priced our proprietary photography to your advantage; once you’ve purchased it, it’s yours, no one else’s, and no one will have anything like it. You’ll love how our photography will transform your brand.