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Founded in 1902 as a blacksmith and carriage shop, Stewart & Stevenson® is a manufacturer and distributor of products and services for the on-highway, oil & gas, marine, power generation, and construction & industrial industries. For over a century the company has been an industry leader and innovator, serving the U.S. and global markets with equipment, parts & service, training, and rental solutions through a strategic network of sales and service centers in domestic and international locations. The brand offers a broad product line from world-class OEMs such as MTU, Detroit®, DEUTZ, Allison Transmission®, and Volvo Penta. Stewart & Stevenson has operated as a subsidiary of Kirby Corporation since September 2017.


The Kirby Corporation sought out IDealogic® to modernize and reinvigorate their legacy brand Stewart & Stevenson® as the diesel and power authority with a customer service mindset. We were tasked with implementing creative, strategic solutions for a variety of challenges. The brand lacked a formally defined brand identity; a clear brand strategy and brand differentiators in order to be positioned in the market as an innovative, forward-thinking company; an in-depth understanding of its audience and their key behavioral drivers; a structured Marcom platform and channel strategy map to increase brand awareness and attribution; and strategically focused, brand standard messaging to consistently and effectively tell the brand story and align with the brand’s target audiences.


Using our scientific approach called Brand to Human®, we revitalized the organization’s heritage of excellence and innovation through a set of clearly defined and developed brand strategies:

Brand Identity

We created a brand identity to launch across the brand’s entire framework and channels that would speak to each target demographic, build brand awareness, and raise the perceived value of Stewart & Stevenson. With the focus on a complete brand identity, we developed all brand standards and assets with identity and style continuity and powerful brand messaging for every channel. We reinforced the intrinsic and extrinsic value of the company throughout the entire brand framework.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

We uncovered the differentiators that define the company internally and externally in order to build a solid and genuine brand strategy, so that we could position the brand as the power and diesel authority with a unique company stance as the choice amongst its competitors. We dug deep to uncover the brand’s beliefs, purpose, and values that drives the company in order to position the brand as the authority in the space in which Stewart & Stevenson sets the industry(s) standards.

We strategically conveyed that Stewart & Stevenson is the brand behind the products of diesel and power. We placed specific focus on 1) strategically positioning the Stewart & Stevenson brand across all engagement points in order to build credibility and trust, and 2) significantly raising the brand’s perceived value so that it can be recognized as the diesel authority and appreciated as a global innovator.

Consumer Behavior Modeling

We harnessed the power of AI, IBM Watson, and natural language processing technology to scour websites, blogs, reviews and forum sites, digital and social conversations, and online discussions to extract current, live, and powerfully informative data. This allowed us to create an actionable, strategic plan that served as a guide for targeting consumers. We used this data to identify high value segments, unarticulated needs, and compensating behaviors, which then formed the foundational insights for highly effective brand, marketing, messaging, and campaign strategies.

Brand Platform Channel Strategy Mapping

We strategically mapped out the key online and offline channels that needed to be developed and implemented in order to give the brand presence and traction. This strategy ensured all engagement points worked together to garner specific, maximum results. This allows Stewart & Stevenson to develop tactics that are designed to give the brand a voice and a presence within the marketplace, its communities, and to the people that matter.

Education in the Marketplace

We developed an educational strategy that served to position the brand as the power and diesel authority. We developed and incorporated a strategic “We Empower Industry” Brand Awareness Campaign to establish the brand as the diesel authority driven by high standards, innovation, and longevity that manufactures, distributes, rents, and services top quality products. This strategy permeates throughout all online and offline channels and includes specific goals for each audience segment uncovered in the Consumer Behavior Modeling report.

Brand Messaging

We developed appropriate brand messaging and statements that integrated the brand’s story and educational strategy in specific ways, designed to speak to and align with each of the target audience segments.

With the use of AI technology, our mission was to learn precisely how to engage these groups wherever they may be, as well as to know what type of messaging they would respond to based on their lifestyle. The intention was to build the brand to attract, engage, and assist each of the different segments, and augment the brand’s position as a recognized and appreciated market leader.



  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Brand Identity Design


  • Site Experience Strategy
  • UI/UX Wire Frames
  • Site Prototyping
  • Website Design
  • Mobile + Responsive
  • Content Creation


  • Marketing Communications
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Digital Design
  • Print Design
  • Corporate Collateral
  • Direct Response


  • Brand Messaging
  • Content Writing
  • Employee Communications
  • Corporate Communications
  • External Communications
  • Keyword Strategies


  • Sales Cycle Strategy
  • Mapping & Planning
  • Process Activation
  • Sales Collateral Design (Printed & Digital)
  • Presentation Design


  • Marketing Strategy & Plan Development
  • Channel Strategy
  • Activation Strategy
  • Customer Engagement Strategy
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Digital Ecosystem Mapping
  • Messaging Strategy


  • AI Consumer Modeling
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Consumer Segment Development
  • Customer Experience Analysis
  • KPI Development & Management


  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Core Values
  • Brand Personality
  • Customer Experience


  • Branding Platforms
  • Channel Strategy
  • Design & Layout
  • Content Creation


  • Photo Editing
  • Digital Imaging


  • Event & Trade-Show Design
Stewart and Stevenson USP


“I’ve had the privilege of working with IDealogic® in a previous role – and when the need for a unified brand strategy became apparent in my new role – I knew exactly who to call. What’s great about working with the IDealogic® team is their blend of best-in-class creative and content, coupled with their unmatched understanding of omnichannel strategy. We’re very excited to be partnering with IDealogic® for our company rebrand to drive better performance in our industry and with customer segments.”

Trey L.

Director of Marketing


• In 2017, the diesel generator sets industry in North America accounted for almost 20 percent of the worldwide market.

• Demand for the engine rebuilding and remanufacturing industry is forecast to increase slightly over the next five years after several years of poor performance.

• The heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturing industry revenue is anticipated to grow at an annualized rate of 0.9% to $15.2 billion over the five years to 2024.

• The engine rebuilding and remanufacturing industry has a low level of market share concentration, with the four largest operators expected to account for 31.7% of 2019 industry revenue.

• Total trade value is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 2.3% over the five years to 2024, ultimately resulting in heightened demand for freight and industrial products in the heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturing industry. – IBIS World


“It is always exciting to work on a legacy brand. It’s even better to have the opportunity to bring the company to current market expectations. Stewart & Stevenson® is a market leader. Preserving the heritage of the organization’s identity is a main focus. We want to represent the past 117 years as well as position Stewart & Stevenson® as the forward-thinking innovator that it is. We are honored to have the opportunity to re-brand this iconic organization.”

Ron Netanel

Founder of IDealogic® Brand Lab

Ron Netanel Creative Director