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Xist Fitness is yet another brand from the franchise developer behind TanCo and MassageLuxe. Xist provides a fitness environment that caters to those who have already built their lifestyles around fitness as well as those who want to rebuild their lives around it. Geared toward the serious athletes whose lives revolve around their sport, those who incorporate fit and healthy behaviors into their busy lives, and those who have never before been to a gym but want to make a lifestyle change and need the best assistance available, the unique franchise also offers potential franchisees a business model strategically geared to appeal to those will incorporate the brand into their lifestyle. While continuing ongoing brand management for TanCo and MassageLuxe, the franchise developer commissioned IDealogic® to develop the new fitness concept to add to their growing portfolio of beauty, health, and wellness brands.


As with all new companies, the Xist brand faced its share of challenges in preparing for a debut in the fitness industry. Gyms and fitness centers have “seasons,” periods of increased membership and sales that typically occur at the beginning of the year and before summer. The developer came to us for brand development directly between those peak seasons, which left only a few short months to create and implement the brand, and to generate the necessary awareness to take market share from the established and better known market leaders. Incorporated into brand launch, we had to create and implement an awareness campaign that would attract new members and franchisees in regional development territories, and we would need to do it on an accelerated timeline in order to meet the deadline and implement the brand before the next gym season.


As a strategic creative agency, we approach every challenge with our proprietary, scientific brand development process. During our preliminary research, we discovered that some of the most beloved and respected brands in the fitness industry, such as Nike, Gatorade, Everlast, had attained their success by selling more than just consumer products. They sell a lifestyle. These brands align with and embody the goals, aspirations, and motivations of their ideal customers.

For Xist to achieve the same level of brand loyalty, we knew it would need to appeal to its audience in the same way. To achieve that goal, we broke down brand creation into three categories: motivation, inspiration, and aspiration. Xist needed to inspire members to become like the kinds of people they admire. Our strategy was to empower them to be the best version of themselves they could be—who they aspired to be.

The company’s business model revolves around a low price point, high quality staff, top-of-the-line equipment, and weight loss programs for non-athletes. The franchise developer was passionate about Xist being a place that would motivate all its members to look better, feel better, and be better. Our solution was to develop the brand around a set of shared values that would serve as the spirit of the brand. We created and designed them to resonate throughout the culture of the entire company in order to help people G.R.O.W: Goals, Respect, Optimism, and Wellness.

To motivate prospective customers, we crafted the company’s messaging around those values and created the positioning statement, “Don’t just exist. Xist Fit.” It’s a simple message that reinforces the company’s commitment to helping its members live a meaningful, healthy lifestyle.

Due to the accelerated timeline, we had to simultaneously develop the brand while also generating brand awareness and excitement prior to the deadline because Xist needed to be profitable at launch. We set out to get 1,000 pre-registered memberships before opening day. We created a preregister campaign that covered multiple channels, and then designed a prelaunch showcase environment where prospects could go to sign up. Although the gym had no locations yet open, people could experience Xist and see that it was a fitness organization specifically designed to motivate and inspire everyone, regardless of their fitness level, at an exceptionally affordable price point.

We believe that brands are more than names, more than logos, more than colors. A brand should be an experience that permeates throughout every aspect of the company, from the inside out and from the outside in. We wanted to reinforce the brand’s messaging at every turn, so we created an interactive environment that envelops members in encouraging and inspirational words and quotes such as “Perseverance, Strength, Tenacity, Ability, Potential” and “No pain no gain; Strength is the product of struggle; Pain is only weakness leaving the body; You can do it; The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.” No matter where they look, members are motivated through their workouts, and they are empowered to see that living healthy is a choice, not a chore.

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“IDealogic and their team are more than just an advertising company, they become a part of your team. They truly want to deliver the best product for your company and will make sure that it represents the true identity of your brand.”

Stephanie S.

VP of Operations


• Health club industry revenue in the U.S. is expected to surpass $30B in 2020.

• Currently, there are approximately 92,000 fitness, health, and gym centers operating in the U.S.

• Nearly 60 million Americans are members of fitness clubs.

• 60% of industry revenue comes from membership dues.

• Fitness is a huge industry—roughly 20% of Americans track their daily fitness with an app.


“Creating a brand that could hold its own and take market share from Fortune status brands is no small task, but we took on that challenge knowing we would crush it. We engineer brands for human audiences. With Xist, we were dealing with a broad group of unique, complex individuals whose goals and aspirations (depending on who they were) could be on opposite lifestyle spectrums. However, we still had to align each demographic audience—no matter where they were in their life and fitness goals—with the company’s messaging and identity. We built this brand to appeal not just to people who live the Xist lifestyle, but to those who aspire to the same goals. Both segments are driven by motivation and emotion, and communicating that aspirational lifestyle was the key to the brand’s success.”

Ron Netanel

Founder of IDealogic® Brand Lab

Ron Netanel Creative Director