Brand Spotlight: Stella Artois and “Buy a Lady a Drink”

We’d like to take a moment to raise our glass to Stella Artois.

In 2015, the brand partnered with Matt Damon and on the Buy a Lady a Drink, or BALAD, programme. Since that time, “Stella Artois has helped provide more than 800,000 people in the developing world with access to five years of clean water through the sale of more than 225,000 Limited Edition Chalices and by directly donating more than $3 million to”

Out of every purchase, $6.25 is donated to, which can provide clean drinking water to one person for five years. (Incidentally, the chalices can be purchased here on Amazon, just in case you’d like to buy a woman a drink.)


The chalices are beautifully artistic. Each year the limited edition chalices feature unique designs created to represent different countries in need of clean drinking water.

This year, Stella Artois is adding yet another way for consumers to participate in BALAD. The purchase of limited edition packs of Stella Artois, available at local supermarkets, will provide six months of clean water to the developing world. Additionally, every bottle purchased in pubs will provide one month of clean drinking water. According to the company’s website, 663 million people live without access to clean water; so this is, indeed, a wonderful cause for the brand to support.

We believe that every great relationship should be mutually beneficial. When a brand aligns with a cause, its beautiful to see what can happen for both parties. In this case, the Stella Artois brand has been able to resonate with a younger audience. Historically, the brand has been known as an “older person’s drink,” according to the company’s senior brand manger Rowan Chidgey. “We needed a new way of resonating with a younger audience. The ‘Buy A Lady A Drink’ campaign has been perfect for achieving that. The younger consumer wants to know how they can leave a mark. It isn’t about being political but knowing that by supporting a brand they can make a difference to the world,” said Chidgey.

Stella Artois will continue its campaign with until 2020, and we certainly look forward to hearing about its continued success.


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