The Significance of Brand Storytelling

Is your brand telling the right story? Is that even something you should care about?

With all the industry buzz words out there, it can be difficult to know what really matters and what is fluff. So many business owners and decision makers come to us struggling to sort through all the trending words and phrases that are supposed to mean something to them and the success of their brand. And just understanding their meaning doesn’t necessarily help company leaders know how to apply that knowledge to their brand’s development. The question leadership asks us a lot is, “Where do we begin?” It truly can be overwhelming. We understand.

Your brand story is a great place to begin, because it isn’t difficult! It is the authentic place you’ve come from, the why you get out of bed everyday, the why your company was started, the where you want to go. It’s the narrative of what’s important to you and how you want your company to impact the world around you. Your story doesn’t have to be profound, it just has to be true. Telling your brand story to your audience will help attract others to your business—employees and customers—who resonate with your story. Your brand story should make your people feel something. Something that makes their emotion towards your brand give them a stronger connection to your company. It really does make a difference. If your brand is telling the wrong story, you’re probably attracting the wrong people to your company. That makes doing business so much harder, and work is already hard enough!

So begin with your brand story—your true story. Then be true to it. Have pride in the vision you’ve created for your company. Define its purpose so others can know why you’re in business—why you do what you do. Understand your ideal customers, and build your brand around them. They are the people who matter.

Do so, and your brand will become iconic.