Brand to Human®: Are You Doing It Wrong?

It’s really easy to think about business in terms of money. Making money is a must for every business. It is a main goal.

We say “a” main goal because it shouldn’t be “the” main goal. If the main goal of your business is making money, you’re putting all the emphasis on transactions instead of something much more important and much more valuable: the people doing business with you.

How many of the meaningful relationships in your life are built on monetary value? Very few, if any, of the meaningful relationships in your life have much to do with money. (If they do, they’re not as meaningful as you think.) Instead, those relationships are based upon common interests and principles. You genuinely care about them, and they you. There is substance to those relationships that transcends any kind of monetary value. In fact, we commonly refer to those types of relationships with others as invaluable, meaning beyond calculable or appraisable value, of inestimable worth, priceless.

Imagine what impact these types of relationships could have on your business. Can your company create relationships like these with your customers? The answer is yes. Absolutely, positively yes. Relationships like these equate to lifelong customers, brand advocates, and passionate, loyal followings. Every business should aspire to creating relationships like these as the main goal. What happens after that?

You make money.

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