Delivering Customer Experience Excellence

Do you believe your company is delivering superior customer experience?
Have you surveyed your customers to find out what percentage would agree with you?

Though we recommend taking most statistics with a grain of salt, we also believe that statistics should be used as an effective tool for overall business growth, forecasting, development, and improvement. Perhaps it’s more than 81% of companies delivering customer experience excellence outperform their competition; perhaps it’s less. Either way, we all agree companies that deliver excellent customer experiences will fare much better than those that don’t.

What we find interesting is that while about 80% (more or less) of companies believe they’re delivering superior customer experience, only about 8% (again, more or less) of their customers agree.

Let’s argue for a moment that the 8% is way off; and really 40% of customers agree. That’s still less than half of those companies’ audiences. They’re probably not making any efforts to improve their customer experience processes due to the false belief that their customers are extremely happy. Even worse, those companies are experiencing a huge disconnect between themselves and their customers. And they don’t even know it.

Creating connections with your customers is vital to your business. The stronger the connection, the more loyal the customer will be to your brand. Miscommunications, assumptions, and disconnects can ruin a business. These things are preventable, but are still happening all the time. Don’t let that be the case for your business. We specialize in creating the bonds between Brand to Human®, and we have specifically designed our brand development strategies to help your company dominate your space. Give us a call at 281-578-2223 or contact us online to schedule your free one-hour, one on one brand strategy consulting session. We look forward to speaking with you!