Helping Businesses Succeed Using the Scientific Power of Branding

In a recent interview featured in Small Business Trendsetters magazine, IDealogic® founder Ron Netanel discusses Brand Science℠, our unique scientific approach to branding; and how we discovered our Brand Method℠, the specific way we achieve results for every client.

We spent almost two decades testing and measuring our output in order to understand what works, what doesn’t, and why. “We found our most successful and award-winning work had a common denominator: it appealed to the human element and exhibited characteristics that define social conformity. It all came down to the fact that people make decisions based on emotions, interests, and necessity. 100% of the time, people – with varying quirks and idiosyncrasies – are the customer and audience; so it’s important to understand who we are.” Using the data we obtained during this time, combined with the proprietary systems we created for our own brand, we discovered a scientific method that works for branding any and all types of companies.

We focus on neurological influences in order to better understand people, and we use this knowledge to successfully brand companies, create Brand to Human® bonds, and build company culture. We help business owners and decision makers tap into the full potential of their brand experience because we look at more than just visual communications. “Branding revolves around the soul of the company; the operations; the team; the promise; and the journey of the customer before, during, and after the sales cycle– and all of that is defined by the company’s culture.” Without positive company culture, businesses can struggle from lack of loyalty, efficiency, productivity, and performance. As a branding agency, we ensure that your brand looks phenomenal and that it’s also built on phenomenal principles and/or values that people—both employees and customers—can rally behind.

We also focus on establishing proper brand strategies to help business owners and leaders achieve long-term goals for their companies. Businesses crumble if everything is unstructured and disjointed, so we begin brand development from the inside out. We assist in building the right Brand Formula℠ around the vision of each founder. Our Brand Science℠ process also helps leaders see their true audience in ways they may not have before, which results in promotable brand reputation, growth by revenue, and a following of loyal advocates.

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