People Don’t Do Business with Companies.

People do business with people.

Think about your favorite brand. Do you picture a logo, a brochure, a website, or a business card? Maybe. More likely you picture a product or a service as well as the customer service experience that goes with it. Unless your favorite brand is such because it’s the cheapest option out there, chances are that it’s your favorite brand because of the great product or service you’re buying and also because of the way you’re treated. Customers are more loyal when they feel special. When they’re expectations are exceeded. When the connection between themselves and the brand is built on more than just the purchase.

When customers experience your sales process, do they feel like they’re being “sold” or do they feel like they’re experiencing a form of thoughtful, practical, innovative, or strategically planned customer service? There is a huge profit difference when you make efforts to understand and implement whatever your company can do to make people feel valued and appreciated, versus your company (even accidentally) making people feel like a number or transaction. When you develop your sales process around maximizing the fullest potential of your people to create the greatest brand experience, your customers will benefit… and so will your bottom line. You’re giving them a greater reason to feel and care for your brand even though brands are intangible entities. By giving your brand a human-like identity that people can relate to, however, it’s no longer intangible. And that’s when brand advocates are born.

Is your sales process creating brand advocates or single transactions? One has far greater value than the other.

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