Company Branding Blunders, Sign Slip-Ups, & Misleading Messaging

We take brand creation, brand activation, and brand preservation very seriously. We work hard to maintain the integrity of our clients’ brands, from business cards to billboards, broadcast media to social media, interior design to exterior design and everything between. Since branding and advertising are always on our minds, we can’t help but be on the constant lookout for branding genius everywhere we go.

There are times, however, that good branding goes bad, and bad advertising goes viral. Misleading messaging, signage blunders, terrible company names, cringe worthy logos…although these are all horrible mistakes, some are so awful we just can’t help but laugh.

So here are a few examples of what we find seriously funny:Well, there you have it! Thirty-four prime examples of bad company names, horrible signage blunders, and awfully misleading messaging. Don’t let this happen to your brand! Or if this has happened to your business (YIKES!), then contact us – we’re experts at brand creation and brand management.

And if you see something that you’d like to add to our list of shame, please share! We can always use a good laugh.

Love branding blunders? Check out part two.

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