• We connect your brand to your target audience.
  • IDealogic tells the right brand story to your target market.
  • Our brand science attracts passionate, loyal followers to your brand.
  • IDealogic has a process for creating brand culture.
  • Branding is Positioning
  • We transform brands from intangible entities to human identities.
  • Get immediate results for your brand with our advanced development workshops.

Brand to Human®

Brand Analysis

Our Brand Analyses provide invaluable information, including industry insights, brand overview, and much more.

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Creating the Bond

What creates the bond between ourselves and the companies we love? How do companies cultivate a powerful brand following?

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Our Portfolio

Our portfolio shows off our creative capabilities and extensive range of work. There’s room for your brand too!

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Defining culture in society, and understanding its parallels in relation to company culture

The SECRET of company CULTure: its exponential affect on your bottom line.

Brands with cult-like followings: Elite. Powerful. Significant. Which of your favorite brands come to mind? Perhaps Apple, Harley Davidson, Nike, Coca-Cola, NASCAR, Chick-fil-A, Volkswagen, or Vans. Want to know how to build that kind of brand? You must build a culture that is worthy to be followed by your staff and your customers. How is this done? First, you’ve got …

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Customer Loyalty is tied to customer experience, not single transactions

The Buyer Journey: A Marketing Shift Travels Across the Globe

When it comes to creating brand strategy, understanding human behavior is vital. Knowing what makes humans, or the target audience, take action to engage with a brand (whether for conversation, for making a purchase, or both) is fundamental to how significant a brand can become. Planning and anticipating human behavior is key to creating a successful brand strategy. Customer loyalty …

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