Brand Analysis

IDealogic's custom Brand Analyses provide incredibly valuable information, including a comprehensive overview of your brand with industry insights, a visual direct competitors analysis, and more. This intel provides the basis for all of our creative. Contact us for more information!

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The Science of Franchisable Brands℠

Brand Analysis

Our Brand Analyses provide invaluable information, including industry insights, brand overview, and much more.

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Social Management

Social media conversations play a vital role for enhancing customer loyalty. Does your brand have social ability?

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Our portfolio shows off our creative capabilities and extensive range of work. There’s room for your brand too!

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The Evolution of Branding

The meaning of the word “Brand” has evolved a great deal over time. The term originally referred to the practice of burning a mark onto something in order to designate ownership. It then evolved to include marks or stigmas put upon criminals or those in disgrace (The Scarlet Letter, anyone?). As early as the 1200’s, Italians began putting unique watermarks …

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Company Branding: What’s the Big Deal?

Branding is not only for Fortune 500 businesses or large conglomerates. Branding is for every business, from one-person operations right on up to the big kahunas. So what is the big deal about branding, and why is it so important? 

 Fact #1: A brand is a company’s identity: it is the defined image of the company and what it …

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