IDealogic® Is Named Agency of Record for Legacy Brand Stewart & Stevenson®

Transportation, distribution, and services giant Kirby Distribution & Services (KDS) sought out the Houston-based agency to modernize their legacy brand Stewart & Stevenson®. Using its scientific approach called Brand to Human®, the Houston-based creative agency will revitalize the organization’s heritage of excellence and innovation through a defined and developed brand strategy.

IDealogic’s® Brand Method includes a market and brand analysis, custom brand strategy, visual identity design, customer experience development, results-driven advertising campaigns, sales activation systems, marketing communications, and much more. The firm’s innovative Brand Science is designed to raise the perceived value of client brands and foster passionate, loyal communities. IDealogic® calls this company-to-customer relationship Brand to Human®.

Since its inception as a blacksmith and carriage shop in 1902, Stewart & Stevenson® has continued to adapt to its changing markets and is seen as a respected industry leader. As a subsidiary of Kirby Corporation, the organization handles distribution, manufacturing, and rental solutions in order to meet its customers’ high standards and demands.

“It is always exciting to work on a legacy brand. It’s even better to have the opportunity to bring the company to current market expectations. Stewart & Stevenson® is a market leader. Preserving the heritage of the organization’s identity is a main focus. We want to represent the past 117 years as well as position Stewart & Stevenson® as the forward-thinking innovator that it is. We are honored to have the opportunity to re-brand this iconic organization.” – Ron Netanel, Founder of IDealogic® Brand Lab

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